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Yoga for Recovery

FLX Physique offers holistic wellness programs for treatment centers and individuals going through recovery. Yoga and meditation are proven to help those healing from addiction develop the lifestyle skills to stay sober and healthy. 

Hotel & Workplace Yoga

Custom wellness & yoga programs for hotels and workplaces in Los Angeles. Retreats and workshops offered locally and internationally. 

Mommy & Me Yoga

Mommy Classes are tailored for the post natal body and are a great way to sneak in a some zen time, while having fun with baby and meeting other moms!

About FLX Physique

About FLX

FLX Physique was founded in 2014 by Jessica Surface and offers a variety of yoga and meditation classes in Los Angeles including:

Founder Jessica Surface

Jessica has been practicing yoga for over a decade and is passionate about sharing the transformational benefits of yoga and meditation with others.  She believes that yoga is truly a practice for everyone, a daily ritual that can heal the mind, body and soul. She enjoys the challenge of tailoring her classes to meet the individual needs of each student and/or group. 

Jessica first realized the calming effects of meditation and pranayama breathing exercises during her time teaching scuba diving for PADI. For four years Jessica traveled the world while following her passion to teach and her love for the ocean. She found that learning to calm the mind through awareness and control of the breath helped not only her advanced students, but also her "high fear" first time divers. By reducing anxiety, optimizing air consumption and learning to focus the mind, one can truly enjoy their time under the water. She incorporates this same principle when teaching her yoga and meditation students on land. While there may not be sharks (so to speak) up here, we can all learn to swim through life a little easier, a little more centered.

Jessica eventually moved to Los Angeles where she obtained her yoga teaching certification at YogaWorks under the instruction of Olivia Berry and Heather Seinger. Jessica started teaching Mommy & Me classes after having her daughter Amelia in 2016. In addition to yoga and being a mom, Jessica enjoys cooking, gardening and learning about healthy & holistic living.


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